Academic Partners

Auston Institute

  • Auston is a leading private education provider that offers its students an alternative pathway to achieve success in their education and careers.
  • Since 1996, Auston has been providing courses in the areas of Business, Information Technology and Engineering. With a clear inclination towards innovation, our courses have often merged the Arts with the Science - producing brilliant graduates year after year.
  • Working with Coventry University (UK), Auston’s validating university, the part- nership has crafted three year university degree programmes and post-graduate awards for its candidates that may be com- pleted in 24 months. Other students may also embark on English and Foundation programmes with Auston. Auston takes pride in its real quality, high- value and a keen interest in the future and success of the students.


TEG International College

  • TEG International College, is closely identified with British Education. It is based in Singapore with the aim of promoting English Language Training and the provision of Higher Education. Since 1990, TEG was established in the area of English Language Education. TEG is the holding company of Tyndale Business School, Tyndale Electronics School and Tyndale Language Centre, which are all registered schools with the Ministry of Education, Singapore.
  • TEG identified that English Language teaching is the foundation upon which to expand academic provision in Business, Computing and Engineering courses from Certificate to Master Degree level.
  • Tyndale Education Group has operations in Singapore, United Kingdom, P R China and Vietnam. The overseas development strategy was to develop concurrently in one selected country with identical courses to those offered in Singapore enabling that base to offer support and assistance for each new foreign venture. China was identified as the initial area for growth followed by, in no particular order of priority, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia Japan, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.

University of Coventry

  • Coventry University has a long tradition as a provider of education in United Kingdom. It can trace its roots as far back as Coventry College of Design in 1843. The University plays a leading role in industrial liaison and has established dynamic working partnerships with business, industries and organizations in both public and private sectors.
  • The University has worked closely with renowned multinational companies such as Jaguar, British Telecom, Ford and Nokia. These links have positively shaped the design of the courses and resulted in its qualifications gaining increasing recognition among company managers, thereby improving the job prospects of our graduates.
  • Through such collaboration, Coventry University has also established itself as a forward-looking and modern university that provides industry-linked, career-focused programmes. Coventry University is deeply committed to equal opportunities initiatives, innovations in study, internationalism, our open-door policy for people from all walks of life.

University of Sunderland

  • The University’s origins date back to 1860. At present it has almost 16,000 students from more than 40 countries. It offers over 300 courses, ranging from certificate and diploma courses, through degree and master’s level to PhD. It has a national reputation in several subject disciplines and is one of the most progressive providers of higher education in the United Kingdom.
  • The University of Sunderland is a dynamic and modern university with a growing reputation for teaching quality and leading edge research. Recognized by The Guardian as England’s best new university in 2001, and rated best new university in UK for the overall quality, range and quantity of its research.
  • The University of Sunderland is a Member of the Association of Common- wealth Universities (ACU). It has some of the UK’s best higher education facilities and resources. The university is committed to pioneering new, flexible learning programmes, allowing students to study in off-campus delivery mode. These well established programmes are now available in conjunction with Chindwin College.

University of Wolverhampton

  • The University of Wolverhampton is a place of knowledge, innovation and enterprise.?It takes pride on these three tenets. They underpin their strategies in heir and teaching, in research, and help the students engage with the business world. That is why the university of Wolverhampton has come to play a vital role in the region’s economic and cultural development.
  • With over 150 years of pioneering education, it is now a global provider of entrepreneurial education. Their vision for higher education goes beyond opening minds and widening individual horizons. They aimed their graduates to be valuable assets to the global economies and provide them with solutions that help them to sustain their future.