Myanmar Engineering Society (M.E.S)

Myanmar Engineering Society, originally formed in 1916 is The Association of Engineers of Burma. It was inaugurated again in 1996 as Myanmar Engineering Society to server motherland Myanmar with the much needed infrastructure developments. It consists of engineers and architects from Yangon Institute of Technology, Government Departments and Private Sectors. Today, MES plays an important role in the development of Engineering Council and its laws.

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Academic Partners

Auston Institute

  • Auston is a leading private education provider that offers its students an alternative pathway to achieve success in their education and careers.
  • Since 1996, Auston has been providing courses in the areas of Business, Information Technology and Engineering. With a clear inclination towards innovation, our courses have often merged the Arts with the Science - producing brilliant graduates year after year.
  • Working with Coventry University (UK), Auston’s validating university, the part- nership has crafted three year university degree programmes and post-graduate awards for its candidates that may be com- pleted in 24 months. Other students may also embark on English and Foundation programmes with Auston. Auston takes pride in its real quality, high- value and a keen interest in the future and success of the students.

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