School of Engineering

Founded in 2007, Chindwin school of engineering has offered Myanmar students an alternate pathway to Engineering Studies via vocational channel. Higher National Diploma (HND) in Electrical and Electronics was introduced to Myanmar Student. It became quickly popular among Myanmar students due to its hands on approach, which is to learn by doing.

Chindwin School of Engineering academic team consists of experienced foreign HND trainers as well as highly qualified local engineering professors.

One of the advantages of studying in Chindwin School of Engineering is having a well-balanced theory and practical learning course work. What is learned in theory must be adapted to application. Electronic and Mechanical Labs are made accessible to our engineering students and are frequently used. In addition, students are required to go on regular industrial trips arranged by Chindwin to visit various factories from car factories, transformer factories, generator factories, and solar panel factories to fiber optics production factories.

Chindwin School of Engineering has produced over 80 HND Engineering graduates over 4 years and 600 HND graduates in the making.  Over the years, Chindwin has expanded to offer Mechanical Engineering. In addition, Chindwin School of Engineering is preparing to offer Civil Engineering and Petroleum Engineering in the coming semesters.

Our mission is to develop students into technically sound engineers who are factory floor ready upon completion of their studies.